White House staffer yells at reporters in Oval Office "Let's go"

Prior to their meeting, Trump and European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker gave brief statements to the press in the Oval Office about the importance of the United States and the EU working together on trade.

Immediately after the statements (2:57), reporters started asking Trump about the Cohen tapes. Trump just thanked them for coming, while a staffer repeatedly yelled "We're done" and "Let's go" at them, and herded them out of the Oval Office.

And as the reporters leave, you can hear someone say, "It looked like he wanted to talk" (4:04). Of course he did, that's why the staffer made sure he didn't have a chance.

After the meeting, Trump and Juncker announced that the EU will lower tariffs on the US and import more soy beans - trade war averted, for now.

- CoryUpdate

Thumbnail Photo Credit: Getty Images

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