"It's called...super stealth" - Trump on what he thinks is invisible jet

"It's very special; you can't see it!"

At a "Made in America Product Showcase" event at the White House, Trump listed some of the products on the grounds made in America, including an F-35 stealth fighter jet (1:55), that he really seems to believe can become invisible.

"It's called stealth; super stealth.

It's not the first time Trump has mistaken stealth technology for invisibility.

The F-35 does seem amazing, with advanced stealth technology, but if it was right next to you, you'd see it.

"With advanced stealth and sensors, it can detect enemy craft long before being spotted first. Its external shape, internal carriage of weapons and fuel and embedded sensors are all designed for maximum stealth performance.""

Indeed, stealth does not provide the jet with full invisibility, but allows it to elude or greatly complicate an enemy’s ability to find and destroy the jet."

'“The plane’s shape is designed to deflect radar energy away from the source like a slanted mirror,” [director of survivability at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works® division Paul] Poitras said. “Its surface is also blended and smoothed to enable radar energy to smoothly flow across it—similar to water flowing across a smooth surface.”'

- CoryUpdate

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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