Trump and his daughter Ivanka's awkward Cabinet exchange

During today's Cabinet meeting, Trump's daughter Ivanka, who is one of his senior advisers, described an upcoming executive order to establish a task force focused on job training.

Knowing that any exchange between the two comes with an expectation of creepy awkwardness given Trump has stated in the past that if Ivanka wasn't his daughter he'd be dating her... Was this exchange creepily awkward?

Trump invited her to speak, and she opted to walk to the end of the table, which was a good idea so she's not speaking from behind him, but it was what he said to the room that was odd.

"I'll ask the press, would you like to stay, or would you like to leave? ... Ah, I'm shocked to hear that."

What did he mean? Did he mean, "My daughter is so beautiful of course they'd want to stay." The way the people in the room laughed, and how she reacted as though he had her stand up at a dinner party so everyone could see how pretty she was, would suggest that's it was he meant. She was obviously flustered.

"Well, thank you, President."

Below is the full meeting where you can see what Trump said after Ivanka was finished, beginning at 12:44.

“Wow! So, if that were Ivanka Smith, the press would say, ‘That was totally brilliant, we've never seen anything like that.' As Ivanka Trump, they will say ‘Uh, she was ok.’”

Wow? She read a list of some stuff and thanked a couple of people, so yeah, she was just okay, no matter her last name.

"That was great. That was really great. Unbelievable."

Unbelievable? It's fine to be a proud dad, but come on... Unbelievable? Quality-wise, it was on the level of a B-plus high school sophomore book report, at best.

- CoryUpdate

Photo Credit: Getty Imgaes

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