"Nuclear warming is our biggest problem" - Trump making stuff up

After his "disgraceful" summit with Putin, Trump did an interview with acolyte Sean Hannity to explain how great the meetings actually were, despite the widespread, bipartisan condemnation of the way he sided with Putin over his own intelligence agencies. 

Trump sides with Putin over US Intelligence - Thumbnail Image

Trump sides with Putin over US Intelligence

Trump explained to Hannity, and his Trump-faithful, that he believes that "nuclear warming" is our biggest problem, which seems to be a play on "global warming." There's a solid chance we'll be hearing that line going forward.

"...by a factor of about (weird slurping sounds) five million." That is an exaggeration a child would make; he might as well have said, "it's a gazillion-gabillion times worse!"

- CoryUpdate

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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