Trump spaced on Justice Anthony Kennedy's name

While meeting with President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa of Portugal in the Oval Office on Wednesday, Trump took time to comment on the retirement of a man he "has great respect for," and as can happen when speaking about someone you have great respect for, he completely spaces on their name, "Justice... Anthony... you know who I'm talking about... Justice Kennedy."

You can see Trump realize as soon as he starts the acknowledgement he knows he doesn't remember the last name. He probably figures it'll come to him if he starts saying it, "Justice... Anthony..." Nope. He pauses, hoping it's there. Nope. The pause was already too long, so he has to throw in some filler, buy himself some time, "you know who I'm talking about." It either finally comes to him, or whoever he's looking at behind the cameras was mouthing, "Ken-ne-dy."

Photo Credit: Getty Images