Melania wears "I don't really care" jacket on her way to separated kids

UPDATE: Melania Trump put the jacket back on when she returned from her trip, after the inappropriateness of wearing it was pointed out by literally everyone. And even though her spokesperson said there was no meaning to it, Donald Trump tweeted that she wore it on purpose to troll the media.

First Lady Melania Trump made a surprise trip to visit children in the detention center in McAllen, Texas. She boarded a plane at Andrews Air Force Base wearing a jacket that says, "I DON'T REALLY CARE DO U?" on the back of it. Her spokesperson told reporters that it's just a jacket and there was no hidden message.

If it was actually meant to be a hidden message, it was poorly executed. But she still knew what it said on the back when she put it on. She had to. And it didn't cross her mind to maybe not wear something that says what a lot of us believe is her husband's true feelings on the matter... 

No one on her staff raised their hand, "Er, um, maybe a different jacket?" They're either oblivious to the optics, which is not good, or she's completely unapproachable, so they just let her walk right off the proverbial cliff... Or they wanted her to.

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