See Who's On Real Talk 910

We've assembled some of the biggest names in progressive talk... see who's on...

Stephanie Miller - 6am - 9am

Stephanie Miller's humor and sharp political wit has made her one of the most influential radio personalities in the nation and deemed "the high priestess of excellent liberal talk" by Rachel Maddow. With a stable of comics and political heavy-hitters as guests, that include John Fugelsang, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Rob Reiner, and Malcolm Nance, and listener call-ins, "The Stephanie Miller Show," mornings from six to nine, is the talk radio show the Bay Area deserves.

Great article on Stephanie:

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Thom Hartmann - 9am - 12n

Ranked the #1 most important progressive talk shows by Talkers Magazine, "The Thom Hartmann Program", weekdays from nine to noon, features Thom's takes on the biggest issues of the day, and fascinating discussions with guests and callers. Thom is also a four-time Project Censored, New York Times best-selling author.

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Clark Howard - 12n - 3pm

"Save more and spend less" is more than a motto for Clark Howard: it's a way of life. "The Clark Howard Show," weekdays from Noon to three, is a non-political consumer-focused talk show helping listeners through this extraordinary time of financial upheaval by simplifying complex issues, allaying fears and offering sound advice to help families thrive during a financial crisis.

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Norman Goldman - 3pm - 6pm

As a lawyer for 25 years, Norman Goldman has seen the legal system from the inside out. On "The Norman Goldman Show," weekday afternoons from three to six, Norm's logical analysis on the issues affecting every American, along with his rational, not radical opinions provide a truly credible, highly entertaining talk show. As Norm says: "It's not about left and right, it's about right and wrong."

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